Biography of a Normandy Artist

The painter, Michel Drouin, was born at Honfleur in Normandy on the 3rd February 1958.

A self-taught figurative artist, he started painting when he was very young, beginning by watching the painters at work on the quay at Honfleur and from them learning how to develop his natural skills.

Interested in all kinds of techniques in painting, he experimented with many different genres, while at the same time keeping a delicate touch and using pastel colours through which he could express his sensitivity.

Throughout his life he has spent much time visiting both national and international art galleries and museums, which have proved an important source of his inspiration.

His experience was widened by extensive foreign travel - to Peru, Chile, Madagascar, Spain, Portugal, Reunion, England, Germany and the Netherlands - from which he returned, his mind swimming with a profusion of colours, and with a stronger determination to approach his work in an even more imaginative way.

He remains one of the last artists on the quay at Honfleur to derive real pleasure from talking to passers-by about his enthusiasm for painting.

An important part of his activities is to run courses in drawing, water colours, oils, tempera and gouache either in groups or to individuals.

And if you would like to commission an original work for yourself, you only have to ask !

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